About Us

About Us


The Rice Master-Chefs

PaelaSCP is a company created by young businessmen of the hospitality sector and catering management, who together with first class chefs have developed a product as tasty as easy to prepare.
Paela has been designed for restaurants with high consumption of rice, either for paella or of black rice. It´s characterized to be easy to prepare, with reduction of working time and merchandise, and saving of all kinds of consumption (electricity, gas etc).
Always supporting the best quality of a fifth range product without preservatives nor additives and 100 % natural, like the one cooked by mum.
Our work consists on making your work easier, so the credit of serving a first quality product on the table belongs to you.

Solutions For Your Kitchen

Saving of time

This prepared food reduces 80% the time of preparation and boiling of the product.

Minimal phisical space

The storage of the product is notably lower than that of the ones with which has been elaborated.

Easy handling

The simplest way to keep always the texture and flavor of the product.

The credit is yours

The final cooking is done by the personnel of the restaurant, being able this way to give a personal touch to every paella or fideua. Great chefs who already have tried our product, have approved this prepared base without fear of losing their typical and differential stamp, since it is a completely customizable product.

Solutions For You

Saving in general

Savings in personnel, electricity, water, gas, raw material. Paela delivers you the product 80 % finished.

Reduction of costs

The real cost of the product is very much lower than the one elaborated in conventional way, as it is only necessary TO ADD WATER. We reduce wastages to zero since the bags are only opened when paella have been requested.

With minimal training

This product can be handled by personnel without experience in cuisine.

The credit is again yours

You will be able to tell to your clients that this product of maximum quality has been elaborated in your own business without fear of criticisms. Master craftsmen offer this product to the sale in their restaurants, testing and improving it every year. After 5 years of tests, we can assure you that your demanding clientele will be charmed after savouring a paella or fideua of excellent quality prepared in your own place.